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Raising Your Love Consciousness


About This

I was inspired to write this tele-seminar after examining my own experiences with love. Love is the vital thing winning element that will aid us to successfully transition from the life of want and scarcity with a life of abundance and well-being. A few of the "love" experiences I am mentally and spiritually referencing are already elevating and others happen to be very painful and a few have been painfully elevating. But because my understanding of the power of love continues to evolve then the benefits I receive are more rich and abundant. Like a Business Professional, I'm sure that love produces wisdom, respect and promotion. As a woman, I realize that love is liberating and empowering. Being a daughter, I understand that love is discerning and hard. As a lover, I offer love as motivation, protection, consolation and support to my man. In addition to being an entrepreneur, I know that love is powerful, insightful and also attractive. And as a creative being I experience love as mercy, authenticity and infinite potential. Love is the thing that builds empires and produces giants. But what I understand most of all is that without love, none of us would exist.

I am not here tonight to keep you motivated, give you a to-do list or help you with your New Year's resolutions. Transpire is that your connection to me tonight will help you to experience an energy that will assist to spark thought, emotions and actions. Thought, emotions and actions that can unite you with the mighty power of love. Thought, emotions and actions that can encourage you to love someone else. Thought, emotions and actions that can give you courage which help you to discover your authenticity. Thought emotions and actions that can liberate you and attract love, success and abundance into your life. That is my goal today.

What is Love

Love 's what will make a mother lift a couple,000 pound car off of a baby who has fallen beneath it. Love is what is likely to make a father fight to defend the distinction of his family. Love is the thing that fueled Harriet Tubman the most famous conductor in the Underground Railroad. She forced slaves into freedom, sometimes against their will, at gunpoint and navigated dangerous trails some 19 times. Love means that Martin Luther King, Jr. marched on Washington and why he endured jail, hate and the disruption of his family and sacrificed his or her own young, precious, promising life. Love means that countless fathers worldwide work demeaning jobs and sacrifice their manhood in order to feed their families. Love may also be why people make mistakes. It is also why people defy odds. Love is exactly what soldiers are made of.

After much thought I realized that many of us are struggling and scratching through life because we're confused about love. And we are failing to access the power of love because and we don't fully understand love. We merely understand love to the extent it is expressed in a pop song or perhaps a tabloid. We mistake adoration for control and lust. We have been stuck trying to fit this revolutionary concept right into a narrow ego based definition bound by expectations which may have nothing to do with real love. Once we understand the infinite nature passion we will understand that love is the root of our success. Love does not have any bounds. It cannot be measured by space and time. It sparks revolutions and ends wars. Love will let us to transform the energy of products like money, opportunity and relationships. Love can renew our mind, body and souls. Love will let us to be a conduit for wealth, abundance and well being. It transforms victims into victorious folks who rise above emotions and mirror the pondering the Creator. Love is our link to The Universal Mind.

Our discussion today is for informational and entertainment purposes only. Tonight's tele-seminar is entitled, "How To Win in 2010". That which you will be discussing today will help us to become winners this year and beyond. It's not about systems, affirmations, New Year's resolutions and to-do lists. This is about a lifestyle focus that will keep you in the bosom in the energy of the most vibratory force inside the universe. That mindset simply involves raising your ex girlfriend consciousness. It involves knowning that love, in fact, is life. And knowing this fact allows your soul to breath, expand and take charge of your life.



The Universe Is Shaking Us Up

A lot of you may have realized that things are changing and I'm sure you receive the sense that the universe is shaking things up. Some people call it the renewing of the mind, a new world order, every day of judgment, new school or just the changing in the guard. Whatever you think of it as, we all realize that to acheive different results we must start to do things differently. We have to change our mindset or our attitude and living to ensure that we are consistent conduits of the Creator. Our mindsets should be fueled by intuition, inspiration with an energy that is so fresh and new that it can't help but to create anything other than cutting edge ideas, thought leadership and fresh solutions. We have to become conscious of the actual power of love and realize that we are simply a channel whereby living changing energy of affection is being manifested. We must come out of the mindset of yesterday or mindset designed for us by another individual. To stay in that mindset signifies that we remain in days gone by. And when we remain in the past we ignore "now" and lose the potential impact of our future.

Adopting mindsets we don't understand is very dangerous. Many of us have the mindset of destruction, scarcity and hate yet we have the desires of love, abundance and well-being. Whenever we adopt the mindset of others we should be certain that we desire the results that this mindset will produce. We must become conscious, respectful and mindful of the law of expected outcomes. It is equally dangerous to allow for others to be the architect individuals mindset. This is why many of us pray and hope for a new day but we feel like yesterday. Because of this, our prayers don't produce much of anything except when we are severely threatened with death, destruction of some major life changing event. We call the results "miracles" and become if our link to The Creator is often a random, surprise act.

The Transition

We have been transitioning from a world built on differences, competition and standard lifestyles. In the world of yesterday there were a mindset which was the model of success. That model was built using the existing laws and standards of society. Today, winners don't rely solely on old business and lifestyle models; they will use intuition and an comprehension of life in order to aid them in the right direction. We have been failing and falling short of our tremendous potential because were missing the big picture. It is time to stop faking success. We have to begin to live successfully. Probably the most authentic, creative and different people are successful today. They will be tomorrow's leaders. Him or her have an understanding of life that is certainly supported by an inner force that's been dormant for generations. As a way to know what life is we have to first know what love is. Love is our life and people who understand its true meaning will win beyond 2010.

Why Love?

Let's talk about a few general concepts about love and the way it ties for the Creator, Our Success and Human Development. For most of us, the existence of love can be a given, but the nature passion is a mystery. Even though the word "love" is so commonly on the tongues, hardly anyone knows what love is. In fact, love is so powerful, I not really know that our finite thinking can truly define such an infinite concept. And because we can't quite wrap our minds around the concept of love, we often slice it and dice it and chop up so that what we perceive are pieces or slices of affection. We tell people you can have a piece of my love. Keep in mind that song, "You can have a piece of my love"..... We say that, because that's all we can truly comprehend. And then we give people a piece of the slice we've. See that's our first mistake.

As opposed to trying to control and define love, we should learn to be a conduit for the love that hails from our Creator. We have to accept the wholeness of affection and stop trying to divide and conquer something which is not ours to obtain, divide or conquer. It isn't our job to own or control love. Our job is to be a conduit for love the actual life force from which we all originated. We simply cannot even fully understand what our life is unless we understand what love is. Whenever we don't understand the connection between love and life you have to may believe that our life is nothing but sensation and action.

Love is reality and wisdom is its manifestation. Love occurs only in wisdom and wisdom only from love. So love becomes manifest when it is in wisdom. The essence passion is that... what is ours should are part of someone else. Feeling the joy of someone else as joy within ourselves-that is loving. Everything in the created universe is often a vessel for the divine love and wisdom with the Creator.

We are here on this earth to love. Never to only just love our Creator or to love ourselves but to demonstrate our love for His Creation. The word love scares the majority of us because we see love as weakness. We associate pain, disrespect and disappointment with love. Even though we are loving does not imply we can't defend and protect ourselves. We presume that in order to be loving we will need to be eternally soft, a fool or a sissy. We mistake fascination with lust. We expect love but you are afraid to give it. We approach love using a scarcity mindset. Like all we have is really a "piece of love" and we think there is not enough to go around.

Our Misconceptions About Love

Love is not an weak word. Love is power. We associate love with being used. And for some reason we have been so afraid of getting used. But doesn't everyone get utilized in one way or another. Haven't you used someone before and left them feeling empty and unfulfilled? Maybe you did it purposely. Maybe you did it because you just did not have anything to give. You may desperately needed to be refueled. Regardless of what, you've been used plus you've got used. So, stop being so afraid and self-righteous. Now, I'm not saying that we have to be a door mat or we have to allow someone to dog us so that you can practice love. Addititionally there is love in self-preservation. A lot of people would say that if we want love then we must give love. And also to a certain extent that is true. But we experience love even if we don't know what love is. The universe is obviously serving us. But when we truly understand love, we experience freedom, justice, equality and that we vibrate with the universal space that produced us.

We have been so afraid and disenchanted with the limited societal definition of love that we don't know how to love. A lot of us don't even wish to love. We've abandoned love. Well, in case you have given up on the narrow, societal meaning of love, then you are probably correct as a result. But if you fail to embrace the fullness of Universal love that is bestowed on us every second during the day, then you are disappointing your individual soul. We don't love ourselves and many of us don't even love our families and mates. We're simply them out of convenience, to get what we can get or because our ego should feel special. We are cut off from the very souped up that gives us life. Imagine if the Creator was weak that every time we didn't live up to our full potential, He stopped loving us? What if He got scared every time we disappointed Him and made a decision to stop showering us with blessings, mercy and infinate potential? Imagine if He decided that because we are so off course that there would be no more air, no longer sun no more mercy or forgiveness?

The Haters

See it is easy for us to be so focused on destroying our enemy or perhaps the hate we experience that we forget the love we have been graced with everyday. Whatever you hear us discuss are haters. We make gods out of our haters. We talk and sing about haters. We write on Facebook and My Space about haters. No matter what haters say we can't should we are motivated to do. In essence, the haters run our way of life. Are we really hate-mongers disguised as spiritual people? We pray as a result of haters. You worship and perpetuate hate and disrespect? The more hate and disrespect that is certainly spewed from our television, music, news and our movie screens the greater we think the show or song is. Yes, we worship hate and ignore love.

When was the last time you gave that much attention to love, honor and respect? Let us flock to movies that showcase love? We spend more time focused on what is not working and very little time on which "is" working. Yet, it can be love that allows us to advance on despite our enemies, despite types, despite our circumstances and despite odds which might be often stacked against us. It's the power of love that ignites our successes and forces us to have up when we've been knocked out or once we make a mistake. Love is indeed powerful that sometimes we even forget who's exists.

Love has got the highest energetic frequency coming from all emotions. It is the most creative force in the universe. It is the most tasty and magnetive force we are going to ever experience. It is tough, powerful, fulfilling, sensational, resourceful, strong, liberating, discerning, respectful, understanding, forgiving and triumphant.

Being a Conduit of Love

Now, I realize that many of us are frightened to talk about God or the Creator. Many don't get how I can teach leadership and development for entrepreneurs and talk about spirituality in the same breath. It makes a lot of people uncomfortable. Well, I tried, but I just don't know any other way to do it. From the sitting on the floor of my apartment in 2001. I put a question out in the universe. I said, "What is missing from business?" And the word that popped into my head was "spirituality". I spent the following 6 or 7 years ignoring that question along with the word that popped into my head. I even entered business and attemptedto ignore it. I missed the point many times because I was afraid to mix business and spirituality as it had been so taboo within my educational and professional circles. Like lots of you, I was pecking around when I should have been soaring. I missed the large Picture.

See, entrepreneurialism is a spiritual journey. It always has been and it always is going to be. But what I now know is the fact that one of my callings is usually to help you to understand how you need to use your spirituality in a practical way that will fuel your entrepreneurial endeavors and help you to fulfill your soul's assignment. I'm not really talking about religion; I'm referring to your individual connection with the Creator. I'm talking about you learning to occupy that space that just you and the Creator occupy. This is just what I believe is the best way. And if you are not comfortable with it then check it out your way. I support and honor whatever feels like a fit.

The Creator alone is love Itself as he is life itself. And we are life receivers. Our receptivity develops equal in shape to our love for the Creator which can be demonstrated through our fascination with one another. Yep, sorry to tell you, but the Universe will provide you with what you put into it. If you're giving out "pieces" of love you'll get "pieces" back. You think the Creator cares more about your service to others or how much you say you love Him? What has the maximum return on investment?

Since we are life-receivers, not life (can remember the Creator is life we're just mere conduits or receivers), the result is that our conception from the parents is not the conception of life but merely the conception in the first and purest forms that will accept life. I'd rather not go off on a tangent here, what I want to point out is the fact that we have the potential to be the purest conduits for love and life itself. We've got the ability to access that energy that represents any of the attributes of our Creator. Abundance, well-being, wealth, understanding, etc. Love and life, i think are synonymous.

The Law of Attraction

I really want you to think about this in the law of attraction sense. Some individuals call the Law of Attraction regulations of Love. What the loa says is that thoughts (both conscious and unconscious) may affect our environment. Quantum physics says that thoughts have an energy which pulls whatever it is the person thinks about the problem of. So, in case you begin to study love, seek out love, experience love, expect love, practice love and think about love then the energy in the highest vibratory force or perhaps the earth will emanate of your stuff. And, in turn, you will get or attract love in its many forms. Your life and environment will reflect whatever you practice.

Post by lovecalifornia123 (2016-03-31 13:45)

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